Nyktalop Melodie is a non-profit multi-media organization that started in 2001 in Poitiers, France.

The work of Nyktalop Melodie spans independent and avant-garde film screenings , live audio-video performances & DJ/VJ sets, live-cinema production, exhibitions and workshops.

Over the past years, members of Nyktalop Melodie have contributed to redefine many new forms of entertainment, through cross disciplinary practices and productions, from live-cinema performances to DJ&VJ sets, mixing live super 8mm, 16mm samples, software with cameras and slides...

From the Camera Obscura to live cinema
Through screenings, exhibitions and workshops, Nyktalop Melodie celebrates all visual practice and brings the precursors of film as well as new visual forms to larger audiences. A way to remind the general public and film lovers alike that “cinema” as we know it today was born through the scientific and avant-garde work of artists.

Avant-garde and independent film at a glance
In 14 years, more than 500 movies (features, documentaries, shorts, experimental, live performances...) have been shown during OFNI Festival (Unidentified Film Object) or for special events.

Production activities
Most of the production activity concerns audiovisual or live creations and proposes many exciting and often unexpected encounters between creative VJying and DJing, or even live music (BAL electro-Swing Nyktalop Melodie, live visuals with RONE, Ensembles NOMOS and Aleph, Bruce Brubaker, Anna Meredith...). Nyktalop Melodie also produces original live performances for film festivals and exhibitions of the work of its own members, including : photography, video installations, digital arts etc.

Nyktalop Melodie wants to encourage and facilitate the creativity of its individual members as well as exchanging visual practices, producing and sustaining other artists overall.